Q. What is next for her?

She is slated to appear on Reese Witherspoon’s  new ABC show ‘Broken’ and will play the role of a ruthless Dallas attorney named Gemma.

Q. A lot of her role got cut off before release in the third sequel of the X-Men franchise. Will she return to play the role of Rogue if another movie is made?

She loved playing Rogue. Rogue is such a bad-ass character and the version in the comic books is even more so. Even though she got to see the events unfold, she never really got to be in the thick of battle. If another sequel is made, she would really love to have the ability to fly – or something equally cool on those lines. She had mentioned in her tweet after a fan asked if she would be returning for a 4th movie, and she said yes, if she could fly. Even though that was a flippant statement, apparently a few people took her tweet seriously and sparked a wave of fresh news that she may not return to play Rogue. (fortunately that’s not the case).

Q. How many awards has she won for her many roles?

She won her first major award when she was eleven years old for her role in the movie The Piano. She has won a total of 15 awards and has had 47 nominations in total. She won a golden Globe for her role as Sookie in the TV show True Blood in 2009. She also won awards for her performances in ‘the Squid and The Whale’ which was released in 2015. She came second place for Best Lead Performance for the 2011 movie Margaret.

Q. How many children does she have?

She has two children with her husband, fraternal twins – Charlie and Poppy. She is also step mother to Stephen’s children from his previous relationship – Billy and Lilac.

Q. what is Anna’s sexual orientation?

Anna Paquin is happily married to Stephen Moyer, her co-star from the hit TV series True Blood and they have two children together. But she also announced in a promotional video for ‘Give A Damn’ campaign where many celebrities were brought together to lend their voices in support of LGBT equality that she was bisexual.

Q. What is Anna’s zodiac sign?

As she was born on the 24th of July 1982, her zodiac sign is Leo.

Q. When did Anna Paquin’s career start?

She started acting over 23 years ago in 1993 when she got the role of Flora in the movie The Piano.

Q. Which movies has she appeared in?

She has played many roles in various movies, from the role of Flora McGrath as a child actress in the movie ‘The Piano’ to roles in notable movies such as ‘Amistad’, ‘She’s All That’, ‘the Romantics’, ‘Hurly Burly’ , ‘Almost famous’ and ‘the X-Men’ franchise.

Q. What is Anna Paquin’s net worth?

She earns an approximate salary of $275,000 per episode for the TV series True Blood and has a net worth of $14 million.