Case Guided by Professor Zhou Wenhui Selected into the "Global Platform of China Cases"

2020-07-16 16:42:56

In July 2020, Professor Zhou Wenhui, Director of the Management Case Research Center of the Business School of Central South University, guided post-graduate students (Sun Jie, He Qisong, Li Wanwan) and undergraduates (Fu Zihang, Chen Ruoyao, Liu Yifei) to write a teaching case From Furong Xingsheng to Xingsheng Selection: A Journey of Exploring the Business Model of Community E-commerce Platforms which was successfully included in the "Global Platform of China Cases".

Certificate of case included in the Global Platform of China Cases

The "Global Platform of China Cases" is established by the Case Center of China Europe International Business School, and is positioned to "focus on Chinese issues and adhere to international standards." Since 2015, it has solicited excellent Chinese business management teaching cases from around the world to promote the teaching and research of Chinese business management issues in business schools at home and abroad, and encourage in-depth exploration of China's business management practices from a global perspective.

The competition of 2019 "Best Case Award of the Global Platform of China Cases" attracted 467 authors from 85 universities and institutions at home and abroad. A total of 254 cases were received. About 100 cases, after the strict screening of the three stages of "preliminary review, blind review and discipline editorial review", reached the case entry standard.

It is reported that in order to determine the theme of the case, Professor Zhou Wenhui led the team to conduct field investigations, interviews and discussions on the Chinese community e-commerce unicorn company-"Xingsheng Selection" for up to 3 months, to gain insight into the iterative innovation process, including founding the difficulties and doubts encountered by the team, the iterative journey of the company to deal with the problems, and the construction of the moat. In the process of writing the case, the team of Professor Wenhui Zhou upholds the belief that jade must be polished at last, insists on polishing it once a week, passing 25 iterations, and finally carving the original business practice into a case work combined with "readability, logic and practicality".

This included case starts from a dilemma, and discusses how Xingsheng Selection can find a business model value creation path in the traditional retail industry, how to incubate an online and offline integrated community e-commerce platform, and how to build the moat of platform competition. The establishment of the case has greatly promoted entrepreneurs and managers engaged in community e-commerce to master the inherent laws of value creation and value acquisition of platform business models.

The Case Study Center of the School of Business of Central South University focuses on developing the most innovative and growing business cases in China and disseminating the best management practices of Chinese companies. In recent years, Professor Zhou Wenhui has actively guided undergraduate and post-graduate students with the trinity cultivation model of "developing teaching cases, publishing Business Review cases, and writing research case papers", which has effectively improved the students' ability to combine theory with practice and cultivated compound management talents who "integrate the essence of science and technology, create new business knowledge, and use knowledge to serve the society" when facing the digital era.

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