Associate Professor Xiao Bo from the University of Hawaii was invited for Academic Exchange

2017-12-25 16:19:48

From 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. on December 18, 2017, Associate Professor Xiao Bo from the University of Hawaii was invited to the Business School of CSU for academic exchange. As a graduate of the University of British Columbia, she is now an associate professor of information technology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, mainly engaged in e-commerce, e-government, mobile medical services and other areas of digital services delivery research, as well as social and ethical implications of information and communication technology on cyberbullying, deception and privacy violations. With many academic papers published in internationally renowned journals such as Management Information Systems Quarterly, she also works as deputy editor of Management Information Systems Quarterly and Internet Research.


The subject of this seminar is the light and dark side of information systems and digital delivery. First of all, Associate Professor Xiao Bo introduced the convenience and possible hidden dangers of information system to people's life based on her research experience, especially the in-depth discussion on how to design a better human-computer interaction process and how to avoid the leakage of privacy. Secondly, she explained the existence of online harassment on the Internet with an example of her own academic research, and how to encourage bystanders’ disclosure willing, so as to further curb such non-ethical online behavior. The research shows that both the severity and the urgency of the perceived event have a positive impact on the willingness of the bystanders to disclose, and the perceived cost of the disclosure will reduce the willingness of people to disclose.


In the Q&A session, all the teachers and students present were very active in discussing and communicating with Associate Professor Xiao Bo. She shared her research experience with two teachers in similar fields and patiently answered questions from students. At last, this seminar ended with warm applause.


Later in 305 conference room of the Management Building, Associate Professor Xiao Bo participated in the doctoral dissertation discussion. First, doctor candidate Jiang Fei reported mobile medical intervention experiment of rural women. Associate Professor Xiao affirmed the research topic and significance, and then suggested the introduction of theory of fear appeals to perfect the theory frame. She also put forward suggestions after knowing the specific designed research.


After that, doctor candidate Cao Xianye reported a recently completed paper on online medical and offline treatment, which used theories of ELM and ECT to explain online patients' offline treatment behavior. Associate Professor Xiao first confirmed the interestingness of the research topic, then inquired about the details of the research, and finally put forward suggestions to strengthen the research contribution and significance, and improve the theoretical structure.


During the discussion, Associate Professor Xiao patiently answered the doubts of doctoral students about research design and put forward corresponding solutions, which were highly praised by the doctoral students in the discussion.

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