We all had our favorite actors and actresses when we grew up. My friends and I were no different. However, my choice of actor was probably unusual. You see, everyone always used to go for the more main stream movie actors like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie… You get the idea. But I always admired Anna Paquin. I loved her as Rogue from the first X-Men movie when it released in 2000 and she has remained my favorite ever since.

What I admired her in that role was that she was different. Of course, being a mutant automatically set you apart from the rest of the human population, but her unique abilities further set her apart. Think of it as loner in a bunch of loners group. That may sound negative, but I admired her character for that – and the way she portrayed Rogue – with special abilities yet fearful at the same time.

I don’t claim to have any super powers and I can’t say I admire Anna for herself, because honestly it’s not like we’re best buddies or anything, but I identify with that role. I’m very quiet and reserved and although I do have a loyal bunch of friends, I’m not the chattiest in the group. So at times, it does feel like I’m watching life through a window – that’s not always the case too. Sometimes I just digress. But I play the viola, cello and piano too! So maybe we’re kindred spirits or were sisters in another life?


And do I sound too girly when I say that the white streak was just the coolest ever?? I tried getting that look and I’m pretty sure I failed miserably. So although her role as Rogue got my attention, I did like her in the TV show True Blood too! I love the different and I love the whole genre of the supernatural. I mean mutants are out of the ordinary, and having a telepathic waitress just seems to seal the deal.

Now I have no idea if she likes doing roles that are out of the normal – but I’m loving it. If I’m left alone for a while, my mind starts to wonder and I start dreaming about having super powers of my own. That’s what I like about the roles she does – deep and imaginative. What’s so great about playing a run of a mill type of role? I know she’s done that, but everyone has to make their bread and butter you know?

In fact, I started writing my own set of stories based on her roles that she played. Of course, knowing where my creativity flows towards, it has the whole mix – vampires, werewolves, fortune tellers thrown in – yeah that’s a funny story and hopefully I’ll publish it soon.

Oh I didn’t tell you! I actually met her! There was a fund raising event happening for Make-A –Wish Foundation and I happened to be there and actually got my picture taken with her!!! Yes!!!