Happy 32nd Birthday, Anna!
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Happiest of birthdays to Anna!

Anna At Meet The Cast At Apple Soho
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Anna On Larry King Now – Full Interview
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Anna’s episode of Larry King Now is now up! You can watch it below or on Ora.Tv or Hulu!

Anna On HuffPost Live
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Today Anna appeared on HuffPostLive.

Anna On Late Night With Seth Meyers TONIGHT.
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Anna will be appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers tonight at 11:35p on NBC.

Anna On Larry King Now
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Clips from Anna’s appearance on Larry King Now are now available. Hopefully the full interview/episode will be available soon.

X-MEN: DOFP Director’s Cut Confirmed!
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From Comic Book Movie:

We know from the various trailers and tv spots etc that several scenes from Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days Of Future Past must have been left of the cutting room floor. The most notable omissions seem to be a couple of scenes featuring Anna Paquin’s Rogue, but now producer Lauren Shuler Donner has confirmed that we’ll get to see them when a director’s cut of the movie hits shelves later in the year.

@SheenaTylor2 @BryanSinger @Kinberg @ShuDonner @20thcenturyfox yes ! Coming later this year.
— Lauren Shuler Donner (@ShuDonner) June 26, 2014

The scenes in question were an entire action set piece in which Iceman, Magneto and Professor X rescue Rogue from the sentinels, and then another sequence which saw her using her powers to help keep Wolverine’s mind in his younger body after he inadvertently injures Kitty. But we’ve also glimpsed several other scenes — including Mystique interacting with Beast and Wolverine — that must not have made the theatrical cut, so hopefully they’ll also appear on the Blu-ray. No release date was given, but we’ll assume it’ll be around the November/December mark.